Dryffus crew transport for airlines

Dryffus enables airlines to focus on their core business: Flying passengers, from one destination to the other. Once the aircraft is on blocks, Dryffus takes care of the crew.

Crew transport for Airlines

Over a decade we have been taking care of ground transportation for airlines. Dryffus takes care of your most valuable asset - your employees. We have contracted the best providers in Europe at every airport to carry your crew and luggage comfortable and safe to and from the airport.

Adaptable service

The Dryffus service is adaptable to various airline requirements. Land-, or airside pickup, extensive luggage, small or large crews, engineers or transport to and from your SIM sessions.

We understand what drives an airline's costs such as union agreements, flight time limitations, allowances and transport policies and take these into account when trying to find the lowest overall cost solution.

We support the airline, their crew and the local transport supplier and make sure we deliver a great solution for all parties.


Dryffus offers flexible operational solutions and setups for every airline at all destinations in Europe.

  • Would you like one single source for all your crew transfers?
  • Safe and secure transport for your crew at every destination?
  • Also when the aircraft diverts?
  • Would you like to minimize on administration with regard to your crew transport?
  • Would you like your operations to focus on their main tasks?
  • Do you want maximum employability for your crew?

Our multilingual team is 24 hours available to assist you and your employees.

Admin support

Dryffus monitors every flight and every trip. We gather detailed information, monitor and register the trips.

  • Trip monitoring
  • Invoice consolidation or reconciliation
  • Supplier self-billing system

Dryffus will also make sure your company will be compliant with European VAT regulations. Gaining a direct cashflow advantage.

Our references: KLM Cityhopper, Aerlingus, Cityjet, Flyinggroup, Air Transat, KLM, British Airways, BA Cityflyer.

Dryffus SOS Services for insurance companies

Dryffus Rescue Services is servicing emergency services for insurance companies. We bring stranded passengers home from every corner or every mountain in Europe. We live up to our slogan Anytime Anywhere Any Taxi. We provide transport where ever whenever needed.

With our 24/7 availability and our extensive network of suppliers we are able to bring your stranded customers home safely. Anywhere, anytime.

Dryffus Travel Service

Dryffus enables Travel Management Companies to offer their customers a door to door service by taking away the hassle of traveling to and from the airport. Travel Management Companies earn commission on every transfer.

Service provision

  • Dryffus provides airline passengers with transfers to and from the airport
  • Reliable supplier network
  • Fixed rates
  • No cash payments
  • Meet and greet at the airport
  • Dryffus airport transfer service is available at a fast growing number of airports in the world.